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Family law is one of the most emotional fields in the legal realm, as it deals directly with matters of the heart and there is often so much on the line. This is why you will need the help of a prominent and accomplished Bakersfield family lawyer who won’t crack under pressure, such as ours at Campbell Whitten - we will keep a cool head no matter what challenges may come our way. Whether you are interested in obtaining a divorce, concerned about your child custody issues, or are seeking legal counsel for something outside of the box, we want to help. Pursuing a favorable outcome on your behalf is our ultimate goal, and we intend to attain it.

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Clayton Campbell and Jesse Whitten have been friends since they attended law school together in the late 1990s. They have a broad base of legal experience between them, and their passion for trial work and defending the rights of people in their community drove them to create their Bakersfield law firm. Sam Van Eerden joined the Kern County legal field in 2009, and since that time, he has dedicated his legal career to helping individuals and families protect their rights and their futures.

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No matter the family law issues you are facing, our Bakersfield family law attorneys want to help. At Campbell Whitten, we want to be by your side during any and all difficulties you are facing. We understand just how hard of a situation this may be for you, and we prioritize your well-being by instilling a sense of hope and positivity following such a contentious time in your life. Our legal team is aggressive in our pursuit of justice, as we feel a sincere duty to protect, defend, and advocate for you.

When you retain one of us, you get a whole team's worth of effort. We focus our time attention, and arsenal of cutting-edge technology to helping our clients move forward with their lives.

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Campbell Whitten is an elite family law firm. We use a unique team approach for every case, aiming to deliver insightful, compassionate counsel for anyone facing a family law challenge.

We even make ourselves available to answer your calls evenings and weekends as an unwavering commitment to advocate for our clients' best interests. You can find the tireless legal support you deserve with our team.

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