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One of the most difficult decisions you will ever make is to end your marriage, as it will result in a complete turnover of your entire life. However, in countless instances, divorce is the only option for a marriage that has wholly run its course.

In this case, you will need to enlist in the help of a strong minded and experienced Bakersfield divorce attorney, who will be able to advocate on your behalf and act as a proper guide from beginning to end. With so much on the line, taking a risk with your legal counsel and representation is not advised.

We understand how difficult these decisions can be. We want to help you feel comfortable and assist you in any way we can. Schedule a case review with our Bakersfield divorce attorneys today.

Bakersfield Divorce and Family Law Lawyers

Divorce can be incredibly complicated, especially if there are various external factors such as shared children, assets, or debt. Facing these concerns alone will guarantee you are left with very little to go on after your marriage has ended. Whether you and your ex-spouse are following the traditional route of litigation or are interested in exploring other options, we want to help.

Our Bakersfieldfamily law attorneys handle the following cases:

  • Contested & uncontested divorce - when both parties are unable to agree on matters involving the divorce.
  • High asset divorce - the dividing of all assets in ownership of the married couple during a divorce.
  • Mediation - serving as the the 'middleman' between both parties of the divorce.
  • Legal separation - when a married couple follows a court order to live separately, while remaining married.
  • Property division - the dividing up of 'property' owned by the parties as a married couple - the act of divvying up possessions, homes, etc.
  • Relocation after divorce - a case in which one party chooses to move away (with or without children) post-divorce
  • Modification of child custody or spousal support - changes made to matters pertaining to child custody or child support after the custody and support decisions have been made.
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support

California Divorce Lawyers

At Campbell Whitten, we understand this may be an emotionally draining and painful time, which is why we apply all of our resources, time, and energy to your case. Our legal team will ensure you are taken care of, regardless of the complexities of your case. We are willing to take on any challenge, and our Bakersfield family law attorneys will work tirelessly so you can seamlessly greet the newest chapter of your life with open arms.

For more details about your divorce, contact our Bakersfield divorce lawyers today to discuss your situation.