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Expungement Lawyer Bakersfield

Can I clear my criminal record in California?

If you have been convicted of a crime and are concerned about the effect that your conviction will have on your future, you may want to consider expungement. Certain eligible individuals may qualify to have their convictions completely erased after paying the penalty for their crimes without incident. All fines must be paid, all jail or prison terms must be completed, and probation must be completed or ended early without any incident in order for a person to qualify for expungement.

How to Get a Conviction Expunged in California

Expungement is a detailed process that is best pursued with the counsel and guidance of a Bakersfield expungement lawyer. You will first need to make sure that your conviction qualifies for expunction. No sex offenses qualify for expunction, and there are some felony offenses that are not eligible either. You may also not file for expungement if you violated probation, have not completed probation yet, or have failed to pay all fines.

The sooner you speak with an attorney and discuss your case, the sooner you can work to erase your criminal record as though you were never convicted. You could get a fresh start!

Consult a Bakersfield Expungement Attorney

Campbell Whitten has helped countless individuals fight criminal charges as well as erase convictions for past cases. Our Bakersfield expungement attorneys can help you start over with a clean slate by helping you determine whether or not your case qualifies for an expungement and then by helping you complete and file the request with the court. Our criminal defense attorneys are a team; they work together to get the best possible results for each client. You can have confidence in our ability to handle your case when you retain us to help erase your criminal record.

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