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What Is the Three Strikes Law and How Does It Affect Me? Campbell Whitten is here to help you fight any battle!

California Three Strikes Law

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California is a "three strikes" state. The Three Strikes Law is based on the idea of "three strikes and you're out." In past years, anyone who was convicted of a third felony could face a life sentence in prison, regardless of the nature of their crime. California's prisons were - and still are - filled with inmates who are "strikers;" some of the "strikes" against their records were for offenses that were anything but serious or violent, such as marijuana possession.

The law changed slightly in 2012, however, with the passing of Proposition 36, which removed the mandatory 25-years-to-life sentence for third-time felony offenders.

Today, individuals in California facing a third felony conviction can only face a 25-to-life sentence if their felony offense is considered to be "serious" or "violent." Also, anyone who was convicted of a third strike under the old law but would not have faced such a conviction or sentence under the revised law, may petition for a reduced term. Each of these cases requires the counsel and representation of a skilled Bakersfield criminal defense attorney. Campbell Whitten is dedicated exclusively to criminal defense and knows your rights under California's revised Three Strikes Law. We can help you avoid a life sentence or reduce your sentence if you were convicted of a third strike before Prop 36 was passed.

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