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Have You Been Accused of Violating Your Parole? Campbell Whitten is here to help you fight any battle!

Bakersfield Parole Violation Attorney

Avoid the Consequences of Violating Your Parole

Have you been accused of violating your parole? Do you need legal representation at a parole revocation hearing? Campbell Whitten is a highly-regarded criminal defense law firm focused on providing zealous representation to those individuals who have been accused of violating parole and other offenses. At our firm, you will not be treated as just another case. Our clients are treated with the compassion and respect they deserve.

Our attorneys are qualified to handle all types of criminal cases, as well as provide representation at parole hearings.

Hiring a skilled Bakersfield parole violation lawyer from our firm will dramatically improve your chances of being able to avoid serious fines, additional jail or prison time, the revocation of your parole and other harsh penalties. One of the last things most parolees want to do after being convicted of a violent crime, sex crime or other criminal offense and serving their assigned sentence, is go back to jail or prison for a parole violation. Individuals who are released on parole are required to adhere to exact terms and conditions upon release from jail or prison.

Accusations of a parole violation are a direct threat to your freedom. Any delay in taking action in your own defense could have devastating consequences. Once parole violation accusations or charges have been levied against you, it is within your legal right to hire an attorney, request and receive written notification of your alleged violation, present evidence on your own behalf, confront and cross-examine witnesses (unless it poses a potential risk to the safety of a witness), as well as have a neutral hearing board. The sooner you act, the better odds you will have.

Secure an Aggressive Defense Against Your Criminal Charges

Our lawyers are well-versed on the various strategies which can be used in your defense, and you can rest assured that we will take an aggressive approach to your case. We believe in taking the time to thoroughly investigate each case we take on, review the accusations or charges against our clients and invest in proper preparation. Every case is different, so it is vital that you speak with a lawyer about the particular circumstances of your case. Understanding your rights and working with our firm to build a compelling strategy will go a long way toward helping you attain an ideal outcome.

If are facing parole violation charges in or around Bakersfield, call Campbell Whitten at (661) 771-3077 now to schedule your free consultation. We are ready to fight for you.