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Arrested for Armed Robbery in Southern California?

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While the violent crime of robbery is already associated with harsh penalties, being charged with armed robbery in California can result in more severe punishment. If you were recently charged with or accused of armed robbery, it is critical to seek legal counsel from an experienced lawyer.

At Campbell Whitten, we understand what it takes to help our clients fight back against any criminal charges they face. Our Bakersfield criminal defense attorneys apply a team-oriented, personalized approach to each and every case, relentlessly pursuing the most favorable results possible.

Armed Robbery Laws & Penalties

In addition to first-degree and second-degree robbery penalties, there are various enhancements which may make the consequences of the violent crime more serious. California’s “10-20-life use a gun and you’re down” enables those convicted of armed robbery to serve longer sentences.

The following are the enhanced penalties relating to armed robbery in California:

  • An extra 10 years for personally using a firearm during the commission of robbery
  • An extra 20 years for personally and intentionally firing a gun during the commission of robbery
  • An extra 25 years to life if you cause an individual great bodily injury or death with a firearm during the commission of robbery

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