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At some point you may be faced with the decision of whether to take a plea, or proceed on to trial. Your attorney will argue the merits of your case to the prosecutor, and the prosecutor will typically evaluate your chances of getting an acquittal and offer you something less than you would get if you took it to trial and lost.

One mistake people sometimes make is believing that they only have two choices – take what the prosecutor is offering, or get a verdict from the jury. While sometimes this is true, in my experience there are usually other options. Sometimes a resolution which better suits your goals can be presented to the prosecutor; sometimes the case can be continued and additional evidence can be gathered which can be used to negotiate a better offer; and sometimes the case can be set for trial as a tactical move used to negotiate a more agreeable plea agreement.

Ask your attorney to explain all the different options to you, and explain your current circumstances as well as your plans for the future to your attorney so they can help you decide on a course of action.