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The number one mistake people make when they are confronted by the police is to try to explain their way out of trouble.

The police are very good at getting people to talk to them. They’ll be very polite to you, they’ll lead you to believe that they’re just trying to get to the truth and that they’ll let you go if you tell them what they want to hear. They’ll even imply that, if you speak to them, you’ll be released.

Don’t be manipulated. It is rare that a person talks his or her way out of trouble. If the police wish to speak to you and you may be in trouble, politely tell the officer that you wish to speak to a lawyer.

An officer may try to bully you then by saying something like “oh, that’s how it is?” or by acting offended. “I thought you were going to be cooperative,” or “hey, I’m trying to help you out here” may be lines they use to get you talking. Don’t fall for it. If an officer is questioning you about an incident in which you are involved, or if you are with someone the police are interested in, you should NOT make a statement. Simply tell the officer that you want to speak to your lawyer first.

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