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One of our clients talks about about a recent case Campbell Whitten settled for him in Ventura, CA.

"Good afternoon, everyone!

I just wanted to tell the people of Bakersfield that we as a community have a great law firm on 19th Street downtown. I needed a lawyer in a bad way and in a very short amount of time and the case is in Venture, CA which isn't an easy task. From the very beginning of talking with Clayton Campbell and Jesse Whitten I couldn't be happier with how they as a group (front office as well) have treated my family and my case. This team of lawyers understand the fact that they are dealing with people's livelihood and do the absolute best they can to accommodate you as a client. I don't regret one second of deciding to hire Campbell Whitten Law Firm. And when you get to their office, trust me when I tell you that the front office will take care of you just as well as the lawyers themselves. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I would advise anyone that needs a good lawyer to call Campbell Whitten Law Firm first.

Thank you and sincerely,