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New law would make it harder for government to seize money

We have previously discussed the fact that the government (local and federal) routinely seizes and confiscates money taken from individuals by law enforcement officers. The process of fighting the government's forfeiture action is complicated and very time-sensitive and most laws currently on the books (including California's) allow the government to take and keep seized money without much proof that the money was connected to criminal activity.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has just introduced a bill called the FAIR Act that aims to change the federal forfeiture system by forcing the government to prove by "clear and convincing evidence" that the money the government wants to seize is actually connected to criminal activity. While "clear and convincing evidence" is not the highest burden of proof - " beyond a reasonable doubt" - it is still a more substantial evidentiary hurdle than what the federal government is currently bound by and will help to protect the vital property rights of our citizens.

Introducing a bill is a far cry from a bill becoming law, but it is a step in the right direction and one that will hopefully cause state law makers to re-consider the burden of proof applied in local forfeiture actions.

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