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  • Handsome Sam Billboard Contest!
    Handsome Sam Billboard Contest!

    Find Handsome Sam and win $200! The Handsome Sam billboard contest: Campbell Whitten billboards are all over town. Next time you see one, take a picture and post it on Instagram with the tags ...

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  • Using lasers to detect DUI drivers?
    Using lasers to detect DUI drivers?

    In Poland, a laser system has been developed which can detect alcohol vapors inside passing vehicles from more than 60 feet away. Many are heralding this as a great tool that should be used in DUI ...

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  • Our philosophy on DUI checkpoint alerts
    Our philosophy on DUI checkpoint alerts

    Those of you who frequent our website, facebook, and twitter accounts know that we regularly post notifications of when and where local DUI/license checkpoints are going to be. Almost every time we ...

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    Many people who are arrested want to know if there is anything that can be done to reduce their bail. The simple answer is that a motion can be filed requesting a reduction of bail, but here are a few ...

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