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How to Reinstate Your Suspended License

So you’ve finally finished serving the agonizing license suspension as part of your DUI conviction and you’re ready to get back behind the wheel without restriction. What you may not realize is that this ability isn’t automatically granted and your privileges in their full capacity are not automatically restored when you finally finish your sentence. Instead, you have to petition the DMV to reinstate your license, which requires a few additional steps you’ll have to follow. However, you can get back behind the wheel and driving like normal sooner by simply following these tips and guidelines.

Restoration Process

Reinstating your license involves a several-step process which you must follow at your local branch of the DMV.

  • First, you must have completed all of your DUI penalties, including serving a prison or jail sentence and any state-mandated DUI programs if you were given one
  • Second, you must have paid all associated fees, including any fines required to the court, plus your reinstatement and reissue fees to the DMV (more info on those in a moment)
  • Third, you must bring a proof of insurance or financial responsibility to the DMV. This can include a California Insurance Proof Certificate (also called a Form SR-22) from your insurance carrier, a self-insurer certificate under the California Vehicle Code, a surety bond, or a cash deposit of $35,000.

So long as you have brought all of these things to the DMV, you’ll need to fill out a few different forms, and once they are verified as complete, your license will be reinstated. Most likely you’ll be given a temporary paper license until your new card can be sent to you. You may also need to re-take your license picture and update your information.

Associated Fees

When you go to reinstate your driver’s license, you’ll have to pay several fees to the DMV, and they add up quickly.

  • The Admin Per Se fee (APS), is $125 for all those who were over the age of 21 when convicted and $100 for those under the age of 21.
  • All DUI reissues will be subject to the DUI reissue fee of $55
  • Repeat offenders will be required to pay a court restriction fee of $15 and then another $20 to remove it when the restriction is lifted (which may or may not be at the same time you reinstate your license)

You’ll also be required to pay court fees, costs, fines, and penalties associated with a DUI conviction before your reinstatement. These fees will vary based on where you are arraigned (someone charged in L.A. County will face different charges here in Kern County), but fines will usually include a $1,000 fine plus over $2,600 in penalty assessments.

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