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Can You Appeal a Felony Conviction?

California’s criminal justice system is tough, but it isn’t flawless. If you have been erroneously convicted of a felony offense, you should take every necessary step to make things right. After the trial has ended and you are found guilty of a felony offense, your story may not yet be over. You do have legal options, even with a felony conviction. At Campbell Whitten, we can help you understand the appeal process and help you pursue a reversal. Our first step will be to explain what a criminal appeal is and help you decide how you want to move forward.

Keep in mind that you need to file a notice of appeal within 60 days of the date you received your sentence. If you do not file this notice, you are foregoing your ability to appeal the conviction.

Understanding the Appeal Process

When you appeal your sentence, this is not a new trial. Nothing new will be able to be brought forth and no new facts will be presented. What happens is that the California Court of Appeal will go over the trial to answer one crucial question:

“Was the trial executed according to California’s state laws?”

The appellate court is only examining mistakes of law that may have taken place with the understanding that humans are fallible. The court of Appeal will first hear an argument from your attorney and the attorney general. It will then determine whether the trial court made a mistake that would require your conviction to be reversed.

What should my first step be?

Rather than panicking after being convicted of a felony charge, reach out to our Bakersfield criminal defense attorneys. We work together as a team to help our clients fight back and pursue the best possible result for their case. Contact us at once before it is too late to file a notice of appeal. Remember, you only have 60 days!