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Tips to Avoid Mistakes After a DUI Arrest

Fighting a DUI is not an easy process and it can be one of the greatest challenges a driver will face. If you have been arrested for allegedly drinking and driving, there are some actions you should certainly avoid and others that you should take for the best possible outcome.

During your initial case evaluation with our firm, we can discuss what steps your case should individually proceed. If we meet with you, we will carefully evaluate your case and help you map out an objective. We understand you have lots at stake and are ready to use our skills to aggressively defend you.

Mistakes You Need to Avoid

You can be arrested for DUI if you fail a roadside sobriety test or a chemical test. As a preventative tip, it if there is a chance you can fail a field sobriety test, it is best to politely refuse and request to first speak with your lawyer. If you have already been arrested for DUI, here are some tips on what not to do:

  • Do not be disrespectful to the police officers – your behavior will be noted on the police report
  • Do not fail to appear for your court date
  • Do not talk too much – you have the right to use your Miranda rights to remain silent
  • Do not underestimate the consequences of a DUI
  • Do not drink while your case is pending
  • Do not automatically plead guilty to DUI
  • Do not drive after your license is suspended for DUI

What should you do then? You will need to hire a Bakersfield criminal defense attorney who is tenacious in fighting for your rights and freedom. DUI convictions are life-changing matters and the court will take it very seriously.

If you have found yourself arrested for DUI, reach out to our team at Campbell Whitten today!