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California DMV Hearings

What is a DMV hearing and why is it important?

After being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), a person's driver license is suspended. The arresting officer will confiscate the person's license at the time of the arrest, and a temporary license will be issued for the next 30 days before the person's driving privileges are suspended pending their criminal DUI case. In order to maintain your right to drive before your final DUI judgment is made, you must request a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) hearing within 10 days of your DUI arrest.

DMV hearings are completely different and entirely separate from the criminal proceeding for your DUI charge. The DMV is in charge of your license, meaning that it has the power to levy penalties on your driving privileges.

While the criminal court will decide on the actual charge, the DMV hearing decides whether your license gets suspended and for how long.

If you request your DMV hearing within 10 days, you will receive a time and date for your hearing at your local DMV, not in court. You will appear before an administrative judge in a room at your local DMV, where you must convince the judge that your arrest was unfounded and that you will suffer undue hardship without a driver's license.

You are allowed to have legal representation for these hearings much like you do in court, which is highly recommended. Your chances of obtaining a hardship license will be much higher if you are represented by a Bakersfield criminal defense lawyer. Once you obtain a hardship license, you will have restricted driving privileges to and from your workplace until your final DUI judgment has been made in your criminal case.

How Campbell Whitten Can Help You

Campbell Whitten is Bakersfield's most dedicated criminal defense team. We have the focus and skill necessary to fight your DUI and protect your driving privileges. DMV hearings are not the same as criminal hearings and should not be treated in the same way. Our lawyers are familiar with these administrative cases and can present a strong argument as you seek to obtain a hardship license. We can fight to prove that you and your family will suffer undue hardship if you are unable to drive yourself to your place of employment and to other necessary locations, such as school.

"Will I be required to appear at the DMV Hearing?"

With Campbell Whitten as your DUI attorneys, your attendance at the hearing is not required but in some cases, your testimony may be helpful to the outcome of the process.

With a Bakersfield criminal lawyer on your side, you can not only fight your drunk driving charges and potentially avoid a criminal conviction but also prevent your license from being suspended. Moreover, there are ways in which we can help you save money on your insurance after a traffic-related violation or DUI offense.

Contact a DUI Lawyer in Bakersfield

Discuss your DUI case and license suspension with an attorney today by taking advantage of a free case evaluation with Campbell Whitten. Our firm is more than capable of providing the answers and the representation that you need. When you retain an attorney from our firm, our lawyers can work together to create a strategy that best suits your case. We can give our full attention to you and your defense in order to prevent you from losing your license.