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Questioning the Officer’s Credibility

Bakersfield DUI Attorneys Using Unique Strategies

When you are pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), you probably are not the only one who is feeling overwhelmed, or at least a little confused, by the situation. What many highway patrol officers do not want you to know is that they can have just as much difficulty remembering the specific details of your arrest as anyone else. The only problem is that if they forget something important about what happened, the validity of the entire scenario, and the officer’s credibility, needs to be taken into question.

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Following Protocol – What the Officer Can and Cannot Do

When a law enforcement officer slips up and makes a mistake, they must be held accountable for it, even if that means dismissing charges stemming from illegitimate arrests.

When a police officer has pulled you over for a DUI or taken you into custody, some of the many protocols they must follow include:

  • Having arguably rational reasons for pulling you over in the first place
  • Conducting searches of your vehicle only when necessary
  • Waiting 15 minutes to conduct a chemical test
  • Reading the Miranda warning upon arrest

If the arresting officer failed to perform any of their duties, it allows the opportunity for our experienced and creative team of attorneys to spring at the chance to question their credibility and construct you an advantageous defense the prosecution might not have seen before.

Every Detail Counts in a DUI Case

It is not uncommon for a police officer to have to write and file several DUI reports all at once. Trying to remember the specifics of each case can become quite difficult, and an officer may inadvertently blend stories together or accidentally leave out important aspects of what actually happened.

Just because an officer is not deliberately lying does not excuse the inaccuracies in the report. After all, your freedom, finances, and future are all on the line – a single error in the charges or the way the DUI investigation or DUI report was completed is simply not acceptable.

Going the Extra Mile While Burning the Midnight Oil

At Campbell Whitten, we firmly believe that the rights of the accused must be upheld at all costs. By putting our heads together and considering all angles of your DUI charges and arrest, we can construct defensive cases that are specifically tailored to the unique facts of your particular case. Let our tenacious and aggressive team represent you in your time of need.

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