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Your DUI Trial

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Your initial driving under the influence (DUI) arrest, preliminary hearings, pretrial motions, and every step you have taken to construct your defense case has come to this moment: your DUI trial before a jury of twelve. There are few moments in your life more important than when your rights and freedoms are hanging in the balance in a criminal court. Never leave things up to chance. Retain a professional team of criminal defense lawyers you know you can count on when so much is at stake.

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California DUI Jury Trial Process

Preparing for your DUI jury trial relies heavily on your understanding of it. Knowledge is power in all matters, and this is no exemption. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the trial process, from start to finish, so you are not met with any surprises or disadvantages.

  1. Jury selection: Both your defense counsel and the prosecution will need to partake in a jury selection process. Careful evaluations are necessary to determine if each of the 12 jurors can be unbiased and act only on the evidence offered in the case. If you do not agree with a selected juror, let your DUI attorney know and discuss potential solutions.
  2. Opening statements: What needs to be proven in order to convict you? These points of contention will be outlined by the prosecution first and told to the jury to let them know the purpose of their case. Your defense counsel will then be provided the opportunity to make an opening statement of their own as to why the prosecution is wrong or why a conviction would be unjust. Depending on the circumstances of your case, it might be optimal for your defense to remain silent at this time and not make a statement upfront.
  3. Testimonies: The prosecution will be given the first opportunity to start building their case and argument before the court. Most initial testimonies come from the officer who actually arrested you. They will generally be unable to provide any hard evidence other than what was observed during a field sobriety test or the results of a chemical test. When it comes time for rebuttals and cross-examinations, an experienced DUI defense lawyer will attempt to discredit the prosecution’s own testimonies and evidence, either through their own arguments or information provided from expert witnesses.
  4. Closing arguments: After the prosecution and the defense rest their cases, they will no longer bring evidence or testimonies to the attention of the jury, and instead give a final argument as to why they are right and the other side is wrong. A highly persuasive defense attorney will be critical here, as this is the time to bring everything together and prove that you do not deserve the suggested conviction.
  5. Deliberation and verdict: The jury will be instructed to use only “circumstantial evidence” in their verdict before being released to deliberate among themselves. At this point, you must wait patiently for the jury to make up its mind. At the end deliberation, which could take minutes or hours, they will return to the courtroom and declare that you are guilty or not guilty, or that they cannot reach a decision. When there is a “hung jury” in California DUI trials, the typical procedure is to have the case dismissed, as it suggests that there are critical errors with the prosecution’s argument without stating so directly.

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What is a criminal trial without a criminal defense lawyer on your side? A recipe for disaster. Make certain you have taken all the steps you can to prepare yourself for the DUI process and eventual trial by working closely with our Bakersfield DUI attorneys from Campbell Whitten. We are ready to take your defense to the next level – we can even help you work on an appeal if you have already been convicted!

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