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Avoiding Custody With Community Service

You May Have Options. Call Campbell Whitten!

After being charged with DUI in Bakersfield, you will need to assess all available options and not give up hope in your situation. Even if you are convicted, you may not have to serve your full sentence in custody. In some cases, the Judge will allow a person to do community service instead of working through the Sheriff’s Department (Work Release) or serving time in jail.

Kern County offers a community service program that is typically more accommodating than the work release program. Many individuals pursue this option after being told they cannot receive work release.

Benefits of Community Service

Not only is it easier to be eligible for community service, it is also much less intrusive to a person’s life and allows for greater flexibility with the participant’s schedule.

There are a wide range of charities that you can serve with, such as a:

  • Animal rescue shelter
  • Goodwill
  • Church
  • Soup kitchen
  • Homeless shelter

Is Community Service an Option for Me?

The amount of hours that you could be required to serve will greatly depend on the offense that you have been convicted of and the aggravating factors associated with your case. When you work with our Bakersfield DUI lawyers at Campbell Whitten, we can assess your case and help you determine the best route for your unique circumstance.

We offer a fresh perspective on our clients’ cases by using each of our unique skill sets to then pursue a just and fair solution. At Campbell Whitten, we are known for our relentless pursuit of the best outcome for our clients. Join our team today by letting us fight for you!