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You Could Face a Prison Sentence for a DUI Campbell Whitten is here to help you fight any battle!

Prison Sentence for a DUI Conviction

Bakersfield DUI Defense Attorney

Under certain conditions, California residents convicted of DUI can be penalized with a prison sentence. Our goal at Campbell Whitten is to help these clients get the best possible outcome for their case, which includes helping you maintain your normal quality of life while we work your case in an effort to avoid a prison sentence altogether.

What to Expect with a Prison Sentence

A prison sentence can sometimes be served in the county jail, but is often served in prison itself. In either case, such a sentence can never be removed from your record. In most cases, your best bet is to pursue felony probation to ultimately avoid the prison sentence. Felony probation still may include a jail sentence, but typically for much less time than a prison sentence would involve.

Probation For DUI COnviction

If probation is violated, however, the offender will have to serve actual time in prison. If probation is successfully completed and no new crimes have been committed, the conviction can be removed from their criminal record. Another benefit of felony probation over a prison sentence is that you may be able to receive approval for work release through the Sheriff’s Department instead of actual custody time.

Those who are sentenced to do time in prison will be held at the Lerdo detention facility - the pre-trial facility in Kern County - for up to 3 months until they are placed in a prison facility for the remainder of their sentence. While in the holding facility, they will likely have limited visitation and phone privileges.

Our Goal at Campbell Whitten

When you work with our team of Bakersfield DUI attorneys, you can count on the innovative and creative methods we use to fight your case. Our Objective will be to carefully assess your case, determine the most appropriate defense methods, and use our skills to aggressively defend you.

We take the time necessary to clearly understand the case of each on of our clients. Time is of essence and we are ready to hear about your case. Contact Campbell Whitten to schedule your case evaluation!