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What is an Ignition Interlock Device? Campbell Whitten is here to help you fight any battle!

DUI Penalties: Ignition Interlock Device

What You Need to Know: Explained by Campbell Whitten

Has the court required you to install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) in your vehicle? IIDs are a common penalty for those convicted of drunk driving in the state of California. Depending on the factors of your case, your freedom to drive your vehicle may be restricted with the installation of the IID.

How the IID Works

If the court orders you to install the IID in your vehicle, you will be responsible for the installation fee and monthly cost of the device. The convicted individual will need to obtain an IID device and have it installed by an approved interlock vendor.

Two of the IID providers in Kern County are:

  • Quick Fix DUI
  • Smart Start of California

This mini-breathalyzer instrument will be installed in the dash area of your vehicle and will prevent the vehicle from operating until you provide it with an alcohol-free sample of your breath. If the blood alcohol content (BAC) is above a certain level, the vehicle will not turn on.

Who is required to have a breathalyzer in their vehicle?

In Kern County, the device is mandatory to individuals who are convicted of DUI within a 10 year period of a prior DUI conviction. (Other counties, including Los Angeles, impose an IID as a consequence for the first conviction as well!) The person will have to use the device for a set amount of time, which can last for months or even multiple years depending on the case.

If you have been accused of DUI and are dealing with the possibility of having an IID installed in your vehicle - limiting your mobility and freedom - start with a strong defense from Campbell Whitten. We want to help you defend your rights using the unique aspects of your case.

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