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Work Release as an Alternative to Custody

Defense from Our Bakersfield DUI Lawyers

Kern County detention facilities often have alternative sentencing programs for those facing custody, such as the Sheriff’s Department work release programs. Work release is often a much more desirable outcome than the other potential scenarios.

Instead of remaining in custody during your sentence, a person doing the work release program would show up to serve an 8-hour shift at one of Kern County’s 98 work release job sites. In many cases, work release will be served on government property, such as near the courthouses or waste management.

Work release will need to be granted and approved by a judge as well as the Sheriff’s Department and there is no guarantee that it will be offered as an option. The catch is that it is a first-come-first-serve program that cannot accommodate the schedule of every individual.

How to Apply for Work Release

Although it is up to the court to determine if an individual is eligible, our Bakersfield DUI lawyers can speak with the deputy in charge to see if our client can receive approval for work release. There are several reasons that the court may not approve the request for work release; for example, prior criminal history or health-related issues may prevent a person from participating in the program.

If we do, however, convince the deputy in charge, our next step would be to get the judge to agree. The judge can rule independently, even over the objection of the District Attorney. This approval from the judge will only give the defendant the right to apply for work release. If their application is approved, they can receive work release.

If you are interested in finding out more about the option of work release, speak with Campbell Whitten at your as soon as possible. All of our Bakersfield DUI attorneys work as a team to help you build a powerful defense on your behalf. Contact our team today to share your story!