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Getting Booked - Bakersfield DUI Process

Understanding the Booking Process

The government loves to keep tabs on people, and one of the most common ways it does this is actually through the booking process after an arrest. Even if you post bail immediately after you are taken to the station, you will not be permitted to leave until booking is completed. What if you never go to jail, as could be the case if you are given just a criminal citation? Big Brother has not forgotten about you, and you should expect to be summoned or contacted a few days later for a booking process all the same.

In most situations, booking should take an hour or so. If you are cooperative and provide basic and necessary information about yourself, such as anything they can find out through public records (name, address, hair color, etc.), things will go much faster. Otherwise, it may take several hours, especially if the station is processing several arrested people at the same time.

Remember: do not disclose any information that could be tied to your arrest or seen as incriminating. You have the right to have an attorney present during any questioning.

If you feel that the booking process is actually an interrogation in disguise, you need to contact our Bakersfield DUI attorneys then and there before your rights are violated or you are coerced into saying more than you must.

Breaking Down the Booking Process

What happens during the booking process should be fairly typical. Although, slight variations could occur depending on your unique situation.

Take a closer look at the average steps to get a better understanding of what you can expect, and what you should do:

  • Name and crime: First things first – who are you and what did you allegedly do? Obviously you can provide your name but you should not be telling them why you were arrested. That is the officer’s job.
  • Mugshot: Taking your photograph after an arrest helps identify you later – you probably are not the only person with your name, after all.
  • Collecting property: The police have the right to collect any of your personal property they feel may be tied to your alleged crime. In a DUI case, this will probably only be your keys unless you have illegal contraband on your person, which they can seize at any time.
  • Fingerprints: This is not just something they do on television programs, the police really will take and record your fingerprints for storage in a national database maintained by the FBI.
  • Body search: Expect another thorough pat down of your person to ensure no weapons are being brought into the station or jailhouse. Strip searches are even allowed for minor crimes, such as a traffic violation, but could be deemed excessive and abusive in court later.
  • Warrants: if the booking officer discovers that you have any other warrants out for your arrest, it is unlikely that you will be granted bail, at least not upfront.
  • Health condition: Are you healthy enough to stay in a cell with others? A preliminary screening will be conducted to ensure you have no transmittable illnesses or debilitating injuries.
  • Special inquiries: Be wary of this step in the booking process! The booking officer will ask you if you have any gang affiliations or any exceptional reasons why you should be kept in a separate holding cell. Anything you say here can be used against you, despite not being read the Miranda warning again.
  • DNA: You may be required to provide DNA for storage in national databases. For a DUI arrest with no injuries, this would be an uncommon and questionable occurrence.

Bakersfield DUI Attorneys Handling the Aftermath

Making it through the booking process can be stressful, and it can feel as if you are placed under the microscope of the criminal justice system. It is unavoidable, however. To regain control of the situation and start protecting your livelihood and freedoms, you will want to contact our Bakersfield DUI attorneys at Campbell Whitten as soon as you can. When you work with us, you will not be paired up with just one lawyer, but instead an entire team of aggressive and fearless legal professionals will be working on your case. As it is said, there is safety in numbers.

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