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Options for Release / Bail

Let a Bakersfield DUI Attorney Petition for Your Release

If you should ever be arrested for DUI, it is likely that your first priority will be to get out of jail fast. There are a few different ways that you can secure your release from jail, including by citation, posting bail, or by securing an O.R. release with the assistance of a skilled attorney from Campbell Whitten.

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What is Bail?

Ordinarily, when a person is arrested, they will be held in custody until they are able to post the required bail amount. In simple terms, bail is a cash bond that the arrested person gives to the court in exchange for their freedom until their court date. In order to get their money back, minus an administrative fee, they must attend all scheduled court dates until their case is resolved.

Oftentimes, if a person cannot afford the full bail amount on their own, they may visit a bail bondsman who will front the money in exchange for a 10 percent seller fee and additional collateral. Since some offenses can warrant bail amounts up so six and seven figures, this method of securing a person’s release is less than ideal.

Conditions for an O.R. Release

In some cases, however, a second option can be sought by petitioning for a release on one’s “own recognizance,” otherwise known as an “O.R.” release. In an O.R. release, a defendant’s attorney will negotiate with the judge and the prosecution to release the defendant from jail without any sort of bail, but instead a written promise to appear in court. Oftentimes, these requests are made during the arraignment process, involving the prosecution conducting an investigation into your criminal history to determine whether or not you are dangerous to society or are at risk of fleeing the jurisdiction.

A judge may grant an O.R. release if:

  • Your release will not endanger public safety
  • You are considered a low flight risk due to ties to the community
  • You do not have any outstanding felony warrants
  • You promise to adhere to all laws
  • You agree to follow any other restrictions as determined by the court

If you are released on O.R. and subsequently fail to appear in court, the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest. Fines up to $5,000 and possible jail time can also be imposed.

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