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Making Statements in a DUI Case

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Any time that you are arrested, regardless of what the police think of you or the situation, they are going to want to collect statements once matters have calmed down. They might say that they need them for their reports, or that they are only trying to help you out by getting your side of the story. Although this could be entirely true, it does not change the fact that you should never make a statement to the police without your attorney there.

The police may ask you to provide a written or spoken statement regarding:

  • Who else was involved
  • What exactly happened
  • Where it occurred
  • When it began and ended
  • Why the incident transpired
  • How you played a part

Basically, they are looking for the classic lineup of investigative questions. The important thing to remember is that you are not obligated to tell them what you know right away.

A Clever Way to Avert Disaster

At Campbell Whitten, our Bakersfield DUI lawyers encourage our clients to “blame it on their attorney.” When the police ask you for a statement immediately after an arrest, just let them know that you cannot say anything without your attorney, not because you do not trust them but because your lawyer will be upset with you. It really can be that simple. Remain cooperative and silent, and insist that you are not comfortable with making a statement without first speaking to your lawyer.

Why Would You Not Want to Make a Statement?

For most of us, the initial gut reaction will be to just be open and honest with the law enforcement officers. You should, however, consult a legal advocate prior to making any type of statement.

If you speak without an attorney present, you could:

  • Incriminate yourself.
  • Seem guilty when completely innocent.
  • Inadvertently provide false information.

Ultimately, you need to acknowledge that a criminal arrest leads to a precarious situation, no matter the circumstances. By being careful enough to only make a statement with the help of a Bakersfield criminal defense attorney from our firm, you can prevent yourself from stumbling into avoidable pitfalls.

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